Doggie Sit-Ups

  The ideal conclusion to play or training sessions with your dog is for the dog to feel both exhausted and accomplished. A few of sessions of doggy sit-ups may provide a feeling of success in both you and your dog and reinforce obedience. For these, it is helpful to have a supply of small goodies on hand. Initially, you may need to have a little snack after each workout session. Eventually, the objective will be to complete the full set prior to earning a reward. Begin by teaching your dog to sit. Once sitting, have him lie down, then sit, and then stand. This represents one sit-up. In an ideal session, your dog will repeat this series of maneuvers 10 times, but initially you may only be able to get his cooperation for one or two repetitions. That suffices. Add one extra turn before he receives his reward every few days until he has completed all ten. This practice emphasizes the fundamental directions to sit, remain, and lie down. If your dog has not yet learned these instructions, y

What Causes Your Dog to Bark?

  Dogs bark because we humans want them to. Domestication and selective breeding have enabled our dogs to develop their barking powers for many years. Wolves do not yell. Barking was further evolved in dogs to frighten intruders or to aid the owner (i.e., on farms, to assist in gathering the sheep). Most dogs bark to communicate, get attention, or just to express their enthusiasm. Training and lifestyle choices are critical in educating the dog to communicate with its owner. If you give your dog a treat for barking, he will continue to do so. Determine what your dog is trying to tell you and go from there. If you have a barking dog, try to find out what he is trying to tell you. If it is due to a need for attention, the best method to interrupt the loop is to wait for him to be quiet before giving him the attention he requires. You promote the barking by recognizing it. Waiting until he calms down will educate him that when he is not barking, he receives attention. Some dogs are very p

Three models

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